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  With the development of the times, translation companies are becoming more and more popular. Although English can be said to be widely used, if you take part in formal occasions, you still need professional translators to help you. Let's let the customer service of translation companies take you to understand it.


  In recent years, there are more and more translation companies in China, but the good and the bad are intermingled, and they advertise all over the Internet, which makes people can't tell the true from the false. As a result, customers often don't know how to choose an English translation company. By those small workshops or some treasure cheated many, many customers also have psychological shadow, so, how to choose English translation company?


  1. Don't trust advertisements.


  In the Internet, there are so many advertisements in translation companies that every one of them is right and has no way to start. We emphasize here that if you want to find a regular translation company, to judge whether a company is formal and competent for your requirements, we need to know as follows:


  (1) Whether the introduction of the official website is comprehensive, including company information, business content, qualification certificate and customer cases;


  (2) Whether the price is transparent or not, if we feel that the quotation is not transparent enough in the communication with individual translation companies, we should be cautious;


  (3) Whether the quality is guaranteed. Customers are concerned about quality. As a professional translation company, it has its own process system for quality control. If there is no detailed introduction on its official website, we should pay attention to whether it has the translation ability to serve customers.


  2. Don't be greedy for small things.


  Cheap no good goods, this sentence is not unreasonable, many translation companies in order to compete, often will press the price very low, to fight for business. Strong companies, the general price will be a more reasonable offer.


  If the price is lower than the market price, the translation quality is often not guaranteed. At the end of the day, it may cost a lot of money to fix it, and the gain is not worth the loss. For example, in a business contract, the price quoted by the other party is 100 yuan per thousand words. Do you dare to translate the information to him?


  3. Integrity.


  The most important thing to see whether a company is good or bad is whether it has a high degree of integrity. A company with only a few dozen translators is more trustworthy than a company that claims to have hundreds of translators. In the translation industry, there are not many high-level translators. A company with more than 100 translators should not pay too much attention to the size of the company. Choosing a formal and experienced translation company is often more thoughtful and ideal.


  4. Shop around


  Each translation company has its own characteristics and areas of expertise, so when looking for cooperation with translation companies, customers should understand the details through communication, and compare the prices and quality of the three companies.


  For those translation companies whose translation prices are not transparent or cooperate at a price lower than the market price, we should be particularly cautious, because many customers' feedback is not guaranteed, and the subsequent costs are higher, and some even pay directly without following up.


  Therefore, if your own budget is sufficient, it is recommended that customers choose translation platforms or large translation companies for cooperation. These companies have good service experience and high level of project management. They have sufficient professional translators to follow up the translation tasks of customers and have perfect after-sales service in terms of quality, which can make customers feel relieved to cooperate.


  5. Pay attention to the whole service flow


  The requirement of high quality requires standardized service. When choosing an English translation company, customers should understand that the translation process is clear, there are special translators for translation, scheduling, proofreading and final communication with customers, all of which should be of high quality and clearly explained. If there is a problem, it is necessary for a translation company to deal with it in time.


  Since its establishment, shanghaojiayi has always attached great importance to the quality of translation, strictly controlled the quality of translation, so that customers can place orders at ease and accept orders at ease.


  Shanghaojia translation platform has a large number of registered translators, providing translation services covering more than 16 languages and more than 30 industries. No matter what language or industry the customer needs to translate, the corresponding interpreter matching can be found in the translator library.


  Most of the translators registered on the platform are graduates of foreign language major or translation major, with an average of more than 5 years of translation work experience, and many translators have more than 10 years of translation work experience with different professional backgrounds.


  In addition to having a high-level and high-quality team of translators, shanghaojiayi has also established a review and proofreading department, which is responsible for the proofreading and typesetting of manuscripts, so as to ensure that the best translation is delivered to customers. In addition, we have reached strategic cooperation with many professors and graduate students of translation schools. If necessary, we can also hire foreign experts to examine and approve, so as to ensure the best quality and service to customers.




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