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​  如果您希望将您的公司带入一个新的全球市场,您的网站将在传达您的信息方面发挥关键作用,那么大家是否了解翻译网站内容需要注意哪些事项呢?下面北京翻译公司为大家介绍:

  If you want to bring your company into a new global market and your website will play a key role in conveying your message, do you know what to pay attention to when translating the content of your website? Below is the introduction of Beijing Translation Company.


  Obviously, your website is one of the most important tools for presenting your organization's information to a wide audience. This includes your current customers, as well as potential customers, employees and investors.


  What people see and experience when visiting your website fully illustrates your brand and company.


  Several important factors need to be kept in mind when preparing website translation. A professional translation partner can guide you every step of their website translation service, but there are three aspects that are critical. Considering Mobile Optimization during Website Translation


  When browsing the Internet, smartphones have surpassed desktops and laptops as preferred devices. In 2018, 52.2% of global website traffic came from mobile phones, up from 50.3% in 2017.

  移动设备目前占所有全球网页的一半。截至2017年2月,移动设备占亚洲所有网络流量的 65.1%,占非洲所有网络流量的 59.5%。

  Mobile devices now account for half of all global web pages. As of February 2017, mobile devices accounted for 65.1% of all network traffic in Asia and 59.5% of all network traffic in Africa.


  That's why Google places mobile sites in a higher search ranking. The majority of mobile phone use is spent on applications.

  如果您的企业有应用程序,您应该考虑进行翻译 - 特别是对于东亚市场,其中应用程序下载以本地语言提供时呈指数级增长。

  If your business has applications, you should consider translating - especially in the East Asian market, where applications are downloaded exponentially in local languages.


  When you are ready to enter the target market through website translation, please note which markets prefer mobile access. Mobile optimization requires some adjustments to language differences and page traffic.


  In the process of translation, the length of text may fluctuate from 40% to 100%. In various mobile solutions, many languages will be different, which must be taken into account in the translation services of mobile websites.

  在网站翻译期间考虑本地化UI / UX

  Consider localized UI/UX during website translation


  A major consideration in website translation and localization is to ensure that your site looks and functions in the target language as well as in the original language. Usually, the phrase length on the original website appears longer or shorter in the target language.


  Words in some languages, such as German, tend to be longer. If this extra length is not taken into account, unexpected text interruptions may result in layout errors.


  It's very important to design user interface (UI) and user experience (UX) elements across languages that seem very large, so your website translation also has cross-market appeal.


  That's why it's important to share your website source files with your translation partners, not just send them a list of URLs and expect them to translate from them. The website contains many back-end codes that need to be isolated from the text that needs to be translated.


  Texts and images must be localized for each language in order to be seamlessly displayed on your website. Experienced translation service providers can help you determine which file format is best for exporting content and re-importing translated text.


  This will ensure error-free translation and make it easier for you to publish completed projects on your website.


  Consider the workflow during website translation


  Consider the total amount of content on your website, including future updates you plan to make. Large website translation projects are usually best completed in stages, especially if you want to translate into multiple languages.


  First translate the essentials, such as the "About Us" and "Contact Us" sections of your website.


  These are usually the more critical areas that users first access. You will achieve benefits faster, any technical failures you encounter can be handled on a small scale, and lessons learned can be implemented at each successive stage.


  Create a partial list of website translations in the order you want to complete them. This phased approach is often the key to obtaining budget approval.


  You may also want to prioritize a particular language in a similar way.


  Smaller chunks make it easier to get budget approval, and can take advantage of completed parts by saving translation memory costs in subsequent stages.


  When you complete the initial professional website translation service, you will need a plan to translate your ongoing website updates. When adding content, you need a timetable for sharing new content with translation service providers to provide this material to global audiences as soon as possible.


  Website translation and localization is not necessarily a difficult process. Selection of translation service providers with website translation experience is the key to the successful implementation of the project.


  Language translators provide guaranteed high-quality website translation services, including localization of thematic expert websites in more than 180 languages.




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