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  At the intersection of history and reality, the Beijing World Park will make the world feel better about China; in the symphony of China and the world, the Beijing World Park will make civilization better exchange and learn from each other.


  Not long ago, the first batch of foreign journalists, most of whom know Chinese, came to the Expo Park in Beijing. During the explanation, a comrade in the park asked, "Does anybody know the word `dungshu'?" This question is of great interest to all of you. Accordingly, accompanied by the pronunciation and the explanation of the origin of gu_ru_, foreign journalists went further into the World Expo and Chinese culture.

  为何工作人员要讲“妫汭”的故事?原来,传说上古时有野象危害人类,在娥皇、女英的帮助下,舜帝制服了野象,后人就把他服象而居的地方叫做“妫”。因此,最初的“妫”字,形似女子手牵大象。2019年中国北京世界园艺博览会的举办地延庆,就位于妫水河畔、长城脚下。这就像一个象征,让人看到世园会既有中国传统文化的底蕴,又有对人与自然关系的思考。紧扣“绿色生活 美丽家园”的主题,举办一届具有时代特征、中国特色、首都特点的精彩盛会,正是要向全世界展示中国生态文明建设的成就和建设美丽中国的生动实践。

  Why do the staff tell the story of "Shu Shu"? Originally, there were legends that wild elephants endangered human beings in ancient times. With the help of Emperor E and Nvying, Emperor Shun subdued wild elephants, and later generations called the place where he lived under the elephant "Gong". Therefore, the original word "gong" resembles a woman holding an elephant by hand. Yanqing, the host of the 2019 Beijing World Horticultural Exposition, is located at the foot of the Great Wall and the Bank of the Gongshui River. It is like a symbol, showing that the Expo not only has the Chinese traditional culture, but also reflects on the relationship between man and nature. The theme of "Green Life and Beautiful Home" is to hold a splendid event with the characteristics of the times, China and the capital. It is precisely to show the world the achievements of China's ecological civilization construction and the vivid practice of building a beautiful China.


  Green concept has been integrated into all aspects of the Expo. Take the China Pavilion as an example. This building is called "living and breathing". The roof of the pavilion is full of solar photovoltaic panels. The whole pavilion is like a photovoltaic power station. There are rain guides between the photovoltaic panels, which can make comprehensive use of rainwater collection and ecological drip irrigation technology. One Pavilion is able to peek at the whole park, innovate the mode of holding meetings by utilizing the advantages of science and technology, fully coordinate the hard and soft environment of the region, take green as the leading factor in the construction and management of the park, open the door for exhibition to draw on all the advantages of the exhibitors, and all countries are discovering, enjoying and disseminating the achievements of the World Park Expo between the United States and China... It can be said that the new concept of development is reflected in all aspects of the Expo. Just as the foreign media reporters expressed their sigh at the construction site of the World Expo, "China's experience in the construction of ecological civilization is worth learning and learning from all over the world".


  Bernard Ostrom, president of the International Association of Horticultural Producers, said, "Every time I come to this park, I get a different feeling." From scratch, let ideas take shape. The Beijing World Park Expo has attracted worldwide attention. It is about to play a beautiful movement of harmony between man and nature. Twenty years ago, Kunming hosted the world's highest class A 1 World Horticultural exposition, and now the exposition is back in China. Over the past 20 years, tremendous changes have taken place in China. Especially since the 18th National Congress of the Communist Party of China, the construction of ecological civilization has been integrated into the overall layout of "five in one" and the governance of ecological environment has been upgraded in an all-round way. Foreign experts commented that "China's green development process is increasingly becoming the focus of global attention". Time not only witnesses the leap of China's economic and social development, but also confirms the profound judgment that "green water and green mountains are Jinshan and Yinshan". At the intersection of history and reality, Beijing World Park will make the world feel better about China.


  Civilization is colorful because of communication and rich because of mutual learning. The Beijing World Garden Expo is also a window for civilized exchanges and mutual learning. The Chinese Pavilion's "splendid embroidery" embodies the long-standing Oriental wisdom, while the creative exhibition gardens created by foreign designers also show the convergence of East and West and the integration of ancient and modern. American designers brought "East and West Gardens" to analyze the global space environment of China and the United States, looking for "harmony but difference" between the East and the West. Inspired by the ancient Silk Road, British designers paved a garden Silk Road "from Beijing to the West" with plants. The entrance is a European tree species, and the core area is local plants in Beijing. As the crystallization of human culture and nature, horticulture is the bridge of communication and dialogue between civilizations. Just as foreign designers feel, "China is closing the gap between the world". In the symphony of China and the world, the Beijing World Park will enable civilizations to better exchange and learn from each other.


  The Beijing World Garden Expo is coming, and people are looking forward to "the wind from the Great Wall, spring to the edge of the water, flowers and birds sing, sunny day". A beautiful and beautiful China will surely blossom splendidly in the hundred gardens of world civilization.




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