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  To learn interpreting buddies, in practice often translation leaders of the speech, in order to improve the accuracy of the translation, we should pay attention to what? The Beijing translation company to share.


  What are the changes, leaders of the speech?

  1. 受众变了

  1. audience changed


  The dissemination of foreign audiences with changes in the international situation and China status changes. The past is a better understanding of experts and scholars, China politics, culture and history. Political discourse translation "was not overstepped, strictly corresponding Chinese content, so only to Chinese experts familiar with the discourse understanding.


  Now the times have changed, Chinese economy, tourism, culture, business and so on are all going out, the contact with people around the world, they have a strong interest in China, but is not in-depth understanding of China. How to put political discourse translation into the audience acceptable language is changing the challenges we face.

  2. 内容变了

  2. the content has changed


  China into the world leading speech nature is international concern of the society, China aiming at these problems put forward their point of view, how to translate these ideas also need foreign workers to spread. For example, the strategic concept of "one belt and one road", although Chinese is literally called "strategy", can not be simply translated into strategy, but the effect of communication will be greatly reduced, and it should be translated into initiative.

  3. 风格变了

  3. style changed


  Concerned about the long-term political discourse translation theory will be found, Xi Jinping, Li Keqiang and other state leaders spoke of communism, and there are a lot of down to earth language.


  For example, "the shoes are fit only the feet know" "hoarse as throw off the arm, it is popular, but expounds the profound political theory. In addition, the number of speech by quoting historical allusions also more than the previous leaders, and the proportion of the cultural factors higher.


  Two, the translator should be how to deal with these changes?

  1. 增加背景知识

  1. increase in background knowledge


  Leaders of the speech translation is not a simple language conversion, but to help the audience to understand, so to increase the introduction of background knowledge in translation.

  比如李克强在任期第一份政府工作报告中提到“建立大部制”,外国汉学家在翻译时出现了理解问题,译成了“to build bigger ministries”。

  For example, Li Keqiang in his first government work report mentioned in the "big system", foreign sinologists appeared to understand the problems in translation, translated into "to build bigger ministries".

  李克强的意思并非要将部门规模变大,而是把一些部委的功能合并,减少重叠,建设服务型政府,因此正确译法是to merge government agencies to reduce overlap administration (power)。

  Li Keqiang did not mean to department scale, but some ministries function merge, reduce duplication, building a service-oriented government, so the correct translation is to merge government agencies to reduce overlap Administration (power).

  又如,“新中国”在《习近平谈治国理政》一书中有了新的译法。以前比较普及的翻译是New China,然而这个表述在外国人看来很难理解,他们不知道什么时期的中国可以称为“新中国”。

  Again, the "new Chinese" in "Xi Jinping on governance" a book with a new translation. Before the popularity of translation is New China, but the expression in foreigners difficult to understand, they do not know what time can be called the "new Chinese China".

  根据最新确定的原则,首次出现“新中国成立以来”时,要把所有信息完整呈现出来,即“since the founding of the People’s Republic of China in 1949”,后续再提到时,则可用since the found of PRC、since 1949、since the 1950s、since six decades ago等灵活译法,避免重复。

  According to the latest principle, for the first time since the founding of new Chinese ", put all the completeness of the information presented, namely" since the founding of the People s Republic of China "in 1949", later mentioned again, since the found of PRC is available, since 1949, since the 1950s, since six decades ago flexible translation methods to avoid duplication.

  2. 采用国际化表达


  2. international express

  以前领导人在大型会议发表讲话时开篇都说“女士们、先生们、朋友们”,习近平近些年用的则是“各位同事”“尊敬的同事们”。外交部对此的译文是Dear Colleagues,这是标准的英文表达方式,非常到位。

  Before the leaders in a large conference opening speech saying "ladies and gentlemen", Xi Jinping in recent years with the "colleagues" and "dear colleagues".  Dear Colleagues this is the Ministry of foreign affairs translation, this is English expression standard, is in place.

  虽然用Distinguished / Honorable对应“尊敬的”也可以接受,但不同文化背景的受众理解起来可能出现偏差。

  Although the use of Distinguished / Honorable to accept the corresponding "respect" can be, but audiences with different cultural background to understand possible deviations.

  比如在英国议会辩论的情境下用Distinguished Member of Parliament(尊敬的国会议员)来开头,可能讲者要发表与议员不同的意见,因此如果我们也采用Distinguished / Honorable翻译“尊敬的”,英国受众或许认为我们的领导人要谈“不同”而非“共同”。

  For example, in the British parliament debate under the situation with the Distinguished Member of Parliament (dear congressman) to the beginning, may say to publish and members of different views, so if we use Distinguished / Honorable translation of "respectable", the British audience think our leaders to talk about "different" rather than "common".


  1. 减少重复




  Reform and opening up is the most distinctive feature of China’s development path.

  China’s development path is the path of socialism with Chinese characteristics.

  Reform and opening up is the most distinctive feature of the path of socialism with Chinese characteristics.




  Reform and opening up is the most distinctive feature of China’s development path.

  It is the path of socialism with Chinese characteristics.

  Reform and opening up is the most distinctive feature of the path of Chinese socialism.

  2. 去掉不必要的修饰成分



  This morning I strenuously got out of bed, speedily but carefully brushed my well-developed and beautifully lined-up white teeth, and relentlessly washed my face.

  3. 力求简练

  中文存在很多“套路”式的表达,比如“促进……发展”“增强……规范”“推动……完善”等等,如果不假思索地进行翻译,很容易出现promote the development of这样的中式英语结构,喧宾夺主,应该加以避免。



  In addition, the problem of environmental pollution is also very serious.


  the promotion of the upgrading and optimization of the industrial structure.





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